Since April 14, 2012 The Cog is Dead has been traveling the United States
performing everywhere from the tiniest of venues to huge stages at major
fandom conventions and festivals. We've been to some amazing places, shared
stages and become friends with some of our steampunk musical heroes, and the
most wonderful thing of all, finally had a chance to meet and connect with
our amazing fans face-to-face. We've been a studio band since 2006 but we
never realized the impact our music had on our fans lives until we met them
in person, and it was the most touching experience ever. We love our fans so
much and can't thank you enough for your continued support and enthusiasm!
Every show we've ever played has created an opportunity to meet another excited
fan, or gain a new one. You all really are the best!

It's been an amazing 3 years of touring, but we are at a point now where we
can't continue with the constant travel and schedule required to be a full-time
traveling band. Bear in mind: we're not ending the band or breaking up - what
we're doing is ceasing the regular traveling performances. We LOVE traveling
and performing, but it just comes down to a matter of time. We all have other
projects, commitments and careers outside of the band, and as awesome as these
past few years have been for us to finally travel constantly, it's made it nearly
impossible for us to keep up with the other aspects of life.

Samantha from Frenchy and the Punk said it well when we were on tour together in
2013. The two of them travel year-round, which we were amazed at since touring
can at times be grueling, and she said that it takes a certain kind of person to
be able to live that lifestyle, and that it's not for everyone. And she's right.

We live in an interesting age where, unlike in the past, people can gain exposure
and fans online. When I was growing up musicians had to be discovered by constantly
traveling, performing and word of mouth. And I give a LOT of credit to the ones who did
that and the ones who still do. However now we're in an amazing age technologically
where musicians can actually connect with their fans, share music, and be professional
musicians even if they don't have the circumstances to travel. It's the reason anyone
even knows who we are. Even though we've met several fans at shows, we can connect with
THOUSANDS more online! That said, we know it's not the same as meeting someone in person.
Not by a long shot. But what it DOES mean is that even if we can't tour regularly we can
still continue writing and releasing new music, making music videos and working on other
projects, as well and plenty of other band related things and connect with our fans
constantly - while at the same time still being able to lead our normal lives and take care
of other necessities.

We'll definitely miss touring, there's really nothing like it and it's been one of the most
incredible and surreal experiences of our lives. But it's true, "it's not for everyone"
and even though we won't be touring anymore, we'll still very likely perform on occasion,
and more than anything else, we'll be doing what our fans have always loved from the beginning:
making music!

We're so excited to be getting close to the completion of our third album! We can't wait to
release it for everyone to hear, and we hope as many people as possible can make it to our
extremely special final tour show on June 6th - the entire concert will be filmed for our
first ever live concert movie! Don't worry, there's a lot more steampunk musical madness
to come in the future!

- The Cog is Dead

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